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Kickboxer: Retaliation (2018)
Genre :  Action | Drama
Director: Dimitri Logothetis
Writers:  Dimitri Logothetis, Jim McGrath
Stars:  Alain Moussi, Christopher Lambert, Jean-Claude Van Damme
Release Date : 26 Jan 2018 (USA)
Storyline :It has been eighteen months since Kurt Sloane killed Tong Po and retaliated for the demise of his sibling Eric. Presently an expert blended military craftsman, Kurt massacres Renato Sobral utilizing a move he calls the “Tropical storm Armbar”, a hurricanrana into an armbar. Kurt has been tormented by bad dreams where he and his better half Liu are on a prepare and he ends up battling on the prepare which closes with him falling into water and perhaps suffocating. After the battle, Kurt is met by two U.S. Marshals who illuminate him that he should come back to Thailand to be embroiled in the demise of Tong Po. At the point when Kurt solicits to see one from the Marshal’s identifications, he is tasered.Arousing in a jail in Thailand, Kurt meets Thomas Tang Moore, the genius behind the underground competition where Kurt, Eric, and Tong Po have contended. Moore reveals to Kurt that when Tong Po was vanquished, he was to stay there as the new champion, yet rather with Kurt returning home, Moore expected to locate another champion. Moore offers Kurt to battle the new champion, Mongkut, a 6’8″ 400-lb. warrior. Kurt gets himself insulted by Crawford, Tong Po’s previous right hand man who is working for Moore. Moore offers Kurt $1 million to battle Mongkut, yet Kurt can’t. Stuck in jail, Kurt ends up under steady danger from different detainees, in which he at that point gets himself whipped by the jail watches every night. Amid one experience, Kurt keeps running into Briggs, an American boxer who soon bonds with Kurt and even offers him an approach through the agony from the whippings. Kurt additionally soon discovers that his Muay Thai instructor, Durand, is presently preparing a portion of the detainees, however uncovers that for his inconveniences, he has been blinded.Moore, acknowledging Kurt still won’t acknowledge the offer, chooses to take intense measures and discovers Liu at the prepare station. Having paid off a similar cops she had blamed for defilement to discover Kurt, she gets extra assistance from old companion Gamon. Notwithstanding, Moore’s goons, driven by Somsak, have grabbed Liu and that night, Crawford indicates Kurt a video of Liu. Kurt chooses to take the battle with Durand, Briggs, and kindred detainees Big Country, Fabricio, Ronaldo, and a colossal convict whose size about matches that of Mongkut. At the point when Moore offers to remove Kurt from jail and in a private office, Kurt concurs yet just if his “group” proceeds with their preparation and Moore concurs. Durand goes to one of Mongkut’s instructional meetings just to take in the contender is a result of bioengineering by Ivy League graduate Rupert, who has built up a mix of adrenaline and steroids, subsequently making Mongkut for all intents and purposes powerful with the exception of one little shortcoming: a glass jaw. Gamon participate on the preparation and Kurt perceives Somsak. Moore converses with Crawford about a test battle, to which Moore concurs and Kurt goes to a nearby club where he and Durand by and by meet Joseph King, whose last warrior devastated Kurt. Kurt faces King’s new champion Moss while Durand occupies a passerby and takes his mobile phone to call his child Travis. Kurt massacres Moss and make a near disaster with the assistance of Travis

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